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Wild Migration builds the participation capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts, and NGOs around the world to secure international wildlife conservation.

The principle objects of the Constitution are for Wild Migration to:

  • act as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organisation whose primary purpose is to benefit migratory and transboundary wildlife and the habitats on which they depend;
  • provide accurate, accessible information to wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts and non-governmental organisations about utilising international processes for migratory and transboundary wildlife conservation;
  • build the capacity of wildlife scientists, wildlife policy experts and non-governmental organisations in developing regions to utilise international processes for migratory and transboundary wildlife conservation; and
  • facilitate the development and functioning of the Migratory Wildlife Network as 'a collaborative civil society partnership to coordinate and progress migratory wildlife conservation through international processes'

Wild Migration is governed by a Board of Directors. The Founding Board was elected in December 2013, and contributes decades of management, science and policy advocacy experience to the organisation across the majority and minority worlds.

Geoff Prideaux
Geoff brings over 30 years of business management to Wild Migration. He has run a number of successful small and medium businesses as well as a not-for-profit conservation organisation. One of his professional expertise areas is online communication technology and he has consulted to conservation NGOs in this capacity for well over a decade. Geoff also has a professional background in acoustics, which he is now turning once again to serve wildlife conservation with a focus on underwater acoustics for Wild Migration. Geoff is a co-founder of Wild Migration and serves as the Board Chairman.

Dianne Arnold
Dianne has worked over a span of 25 years in senior human resources management with a number of multinational companies, leading large teams across North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Brazil and as a manager of service delivery NGO nested in a small isolated island community. She has been responsible for all strategic and operational aspects of the HR function/budget within highly matrixed businesses. Dianne specialized in project management, data management, finance and administration, and has a commitment to the full participation of the civil society in governance. She is currently using her finance background to provide office and business management support to small businesses in her local region.

Nicolas Entrup
Nicolas has over 20 years of civil society advocacy campaigning experience, working on a diverse range of subjects and for a range of NGOs. He has also worked extensively on policy and legal development through governmental and intergovernmental processes. He now leads an agency, Shifting Values that specializes in in-house team planning and implementation of campaigns and projects to promote and advance a shift of values within societies. Nicolas has a strong commitment to amplifying the voice of the civil society sector.

Cara Miller
Cara has more than a decade of field and lecturing experience with large marine species population biology, habitat, diversity and migration research. She has a strong quantitative background in survey design, population modelling and data analysis. Cara has taught numerous university level courses in statistics, probability and differential equations, fisheries population dynamics, field survey design, oceanography and marine biology, in Australia and the Pacific Islands Region. Cara has a commitment to both conducting research in collaboration with local communities in developing regions and in particular the Pacific Island Region, and to ensuring that research is reflected into policy processes that positively impact local communities.

Margi Prideaux
Margi is a specialist in international wildlife policy development. Over a period of 25 years, she has participated in 20 different international wildlife conservation processes, has worked with a number of conservation organisations and has served as Marine Policy Advisor to the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Margi's research focus in on international policy relating to international species conservation, regional agreement development, marine protected areas and the role of global civil society in 'track one' and 'track two' international diplomacy. Margi is a co-founder of Wild Migration.

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